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Our Mission

By focusing on IQ AND EQ, we provide academic, social, and mental health wellness resources to bridge the gap between the BIPOC community and the Finance, Accounting, & Tech industries.

Our Vision

By building minority talent, our scholars can fulfill a larger goal to diversify in-demand professional fields. In turn, fostering the next generation of diverse leadership to maximize ROI for firms, decreasing the wealth gap, and 

Our Objectives

We purpose to deter dropouts and incarceration, increase attendance retention and graduation, college enrollment for in-demand careers, and a support system for a highly marginalized demographic.

How We Began

Before building Anointed Foundation, the founder ran through and jumped over many hurdles to reach where he has today, but along the way, he noticed a dire lack of community and resources to aid his journey. Built on the precipice to help alleviate the same struggles many of his peers, mentees, and future colleagues will seemingly go through as well, he brainstormed and wrote the plan that will help current and future generations to come, thrive.

Equality or disparity? Prosperous communities are built upon engaged and inclusive citizens who actively participate in shaping their societal, economic, and political futures. Inclusively, technological advancement have created unprecedented access to financial and educational services, including opportunities for citizens to engage in community action and democratic processes. Albeit, the local and national governments often fail to use the technology to engage their citizens in real consultation and participant budgeting for marginalized communities. Thus creating a deleterious cycle of impoverishment. In particular, impoverished, low-skilled, and migrant workers are most at risk of being displaced through the mishandling of technological transformation. Equating in unfulfilled vacancies, in these same governing bodies, due to skill shortages. On the other hand, these advancements present remarkable opportunities for new jobs and businesses, but only for those equipped with the appropriate skills, resources, and networks.


These factors in a nutshell cohesively distinguish the issues addressed upon building Anointed Foundation. Notably, induction of Blockchain Technology, FinTech, and crypto currency will be fully incorporated in the near future, and the effect on the business world tomorrow, needs to be forecasted by bright technological minds of today. It is most notable that AI, Big Data, and Machine Learning are the new spectrum rapidly transforming the nature of work and those inept in them will be replaced. Imperatively, we are moving away from the ‘book and mortar’ unconventional heavy textbooks to the sleeker avant-garde ‘tech-books’; commencing the need of professionals with foresight to prepare students for the next new innovations, inventions, or bubbles, to mitigate the damage that may come along with them.  By adding more funding and grade school (K-8) initiatives for the intercity youth to WANT to pursue IT and the growing trend of automated tech, the disparity of communities and socio-economic deficient neighborhoods will begin to alleviate as time progresses.



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