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Contributions of any amount help Anointed Foundation further its programs and operations that benefit both past and present students.

Talent at all levels is increasingly diverse—ethnicity, gender, experiences. If the culture of your organization is not tuned to ensure all talent is poised to contribute and thrive, you are operating at a competitive disadvantage. Fail to address the chasm and the issue grows and grows.

If you invest in recruiting diverse talent, but not growing and retaining that talent into leaders, your investments—measured in time, energy, resources—will never be fully realized. Your competitive difference among all stakeholders will erode.

Building diverse organizations starts by fostering a culture of inclusion—in the boardroom, in meeting rooms, in every interaction. This is your new ROI. This is the mission of Anointed Foundation.


Anointed Foundation's mission is to transform the performance of forward-thinking organizations through education and strategies that drive greater inclusion and the ongoing development and promotion of exceptional diverse leaders.

Our work is about both the institution and the individual—on building stronger, more diverse organizations through the inclusion and advancement of under-represented talent.

We started—and have stayed—in finance because we know if we can have a direct impact where capital decisions are made, we can make a difference. Anointed Foundation aims to works with leaders at organizations of all sizes, in finance, technology, and beyond, to create and implement high impact solutions that drive inclusion and diversity. The result? Stronger returns for all stakeholders.

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