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 “Leaders Think And Talk About The Solutions. Followers Think And Talk About The Problems”


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Anointed Foundation is an organization that aims to mitigate socio-economic deficiencies for marginalized BIPOC scholars in urban inner-cities. 

Our goal is to foster success in high-school to graduate stages of education by providing academic, career, and social development to bridge the gap to the Finance, Accounting, Technology, and Entrepreneurship sectors.

By providing high caliber curated programs, trainings, and workshops to amend  amend the "lack of minority talent", our scholars can fulfill a larger goal to diversify professional fields and foster the next generation of diverse leadership.


Synchronously, we purpose to cultivate positive mental health, deter dropouts and incarceration, increase attendance retention and graduation, college enrollment for in-demand careers, and a support system for a highly marginalized demographic.

Why Anointed Foundation?

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Equipping scholars with the necessary skills to bridge the gap between the accounting/finance world and a marginalized community.

Vast catalog of resources, research material, and books to aid students in their scholastic and professional endeavors.

We collaborate with many various organizations and professional firms to aid our scholars to find various internships, jobs, and corporate programs.

Open forums to ask questions, find answers, and help alleviate imposter-syndrome, isolation, and mental health dilemmas that plague the diaspora.

High-caliber programs designed to propel students into distinguished schools, internships, fellowships, and career roles of their dreams.

Data analysis of KPI's and metric data to scale and project student performance using AI and ML.

Peer-to-peer network from a top-down approach.

From distinguished professionals, to graduate, under-grad, to high school. Now you'll be one step closer to the personal 1-1 one may need!

Join our app! We have a plethora of tools, insightful information, and community that helps for on-the-go!

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"Sometimes we are tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths."

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